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The Unstitute: Dawn Nye at The Projection Room

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Screening #5
15th January - 15th February 2013

Dawn Nye

American Love Story: A Landscape in Sequence (Parts 1-3)

Part of an ongoing collaboration between artists Dawn Nye and Katrazyna Randall, this is a true story told from memory and visually investigated through the lens of one very far removed. Looking through the idyllic frame of the rural American landscape, the narrator leads tells the story of a culture where death is the mundane thread of daily existence and comfort food marks the limited boundaries of hope.

Throughout the centuries the landscape has been imbued with the hope, fear, honor, righteousness, delicacy, power and the faith of man. This video investigates that history through a contemporary lens and seeks to find a relationship between the romantic, the tragic and the everyday.

The Projection Room at The Unstitute was created to show experimental video art. Works are selected on the basis of their ability to provoke thought, reaction and engagement on the visual, audible and conceptual levels, whether in a positive or negative fashion. Videos are not selected on the basis of technical merit or aspiration to conventional standards.

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