Recology San Francisco, Art at the Dump Artist in Residence Exhibitions: Work by Yulia Pinkusevich, Stephanie Syjuco and Brittany Watkins

  • Location:
    Recology Art Studio, 401 Tunnel Ave., San Francisco, California, 94134, US

Exhibition and reception for current artists-in-residence Yulia Pinkusevich, Stephanie Syjuco, and student artist Brittany Watkins on Friday, January 24, from 5-9pm and Saturday, January 25, from 1-3pm. Additional viewing hours will be held on Tuesday, January 28, from 5-7pm. An artist panel discussion will follow at 7pm at 401 Tunnel Avenue. This exhibition will be the culmination of four months of work by the artists who have scavenged materials from the dump to make art and promote recycling and reuse.

Yulia Pinkusevich: The Glory of a Tool is Seldom Judged by Its Handle
Pinkusevich examines the role of architecture in our daily lives and how it frames, transects, and obscures the world around us, affecting our spatial perception and cognitive understanding. While at Recology, she has created works that also explore broader issues related to urbanization and labor, and has made sculptures that call attention to the anonymous workers of the global economy.

Stephanie Syjuco: Modern Ruins (Popular Cannibals)
Syjuco has taken beloved archetypes of modernist furniture and reproduces them dump-style to explore a range of ideas related to production, consumption, class, and economies. Works continue her investigation of copies and counterfeits, while also examining Modernism’s promise of utopian progress and the reality of that vision today.

Brittany Watkins: The Time Objects Tell
Working with objects such as window blinds, wire and inner tubes, Watkins has shredded, knotted and woven them to create abstract sculptural works. Watkins’ repetitive and time-intensive working process provides intimacy with the materials, and the resulting sculptures speak to connections between the inanimate and the animate.