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Realtime Audio Mangling with SuperCollider

  • Location:
    l'ull cec, Joan Casas, 2, Barcelona, ES

Since the beginnings of musique concrète, the use of recordings has been one of the most immediate ways to obtain new sounds in electronic music. At the same time, the stiffness of fixed sound has forced a change in traditional strategies for music creation. In the digital domain, several sound processing techniques catalyze the dialog with the sonic material.

This workshop is presented as an introduction to the programming environment SuperCollider, with a focus on obtaining, manipulating and destroying audio as a musical practice. The ease in obtaining complex sounds encourages experimentation and learning.

Tutor: Gerard Roma

Friday 20.12.2012, 18:00-22:00h
Saturday 21.12.2012, 16:00-20:30h
Sunday 22.12.2012, 16:00-20:30h


Michael Szpakowski Dec. 19 2013 08:10Reply

Ah - I was sitting listening to the Grosse Fuge the other day and I though -"ach - it's *good* but it all sounds a bit um..*stiff*.." What a shame Ludwig Van didn't have supercollider to hand…