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The Unstitute: "...drifting towards (x)" update #2 - World's End / The Siege

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The Unstitute is an Evolving Interactive Environment

World's End / The Siege

Evermore drifting tangentially from civic norms, the population of London divide into two seemingly distinct groups: the Inert and the Hostile. Both exhibit symptoms of the affliction known only as (x). From the old man burying his food in a hole in the ground for safekeeping, to the people shipwrecked on a reef of apathy on their way to work, the glue of social cohesion is scoured by a casual nihilism.

CADE, the maverick topographer, has traipsed the streets from Belgravia to Peckham like a bloodhound to reveal the territorial disputes, clan-dominated enclaves and community group fascism of this neo-London, a citizenry unconstrained by class or status, governed only by the sinister topography of the streets and buildings themselves.

Come inside and explore the archive.