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Hardcore Software:Beta Release Launch Event

  • Location:
    The White Building , Unit 7, Queen's Yard White Post Lane , London, London, E9 5EN, GB

Hardcore Software presents the first edition of Beta Release – a new exhibition model for showcasing software under development. The launch event will take place on Wednesday December 4 at the White Building in London from 6pm to 9pm.

Artists, coders, developers, composers, and writers will give a live demonstration of their latest digital projects within a gallery environment. Beta Release aims to spark debate about software’s reach outside corporate structures, and opens up a new critical space for artists to explore and experiment with new digital experiences.

Participants are encouraged to make their work available to download online during the event and introduce open source collaborations to new communities.

Participating artists and projects:

A Snake AI
Christopher Burman

Poetics App
Seth Carnes

Paul Carvill

Perlin Field
Anil Bawa-Cavia

Dissarming Corruptor
Matthew Plummer Fernandez

Giving and Taking
Daniel Jackson

The Google Image Clock
Perce Jerrom

Matthew Landry

Prosthetic Cloak
Lawrence Lek

Pulse Project
Michelle Marie Lewis-King

Ontological Mathematics
Hayden Martin

Human Harp
Becky Stewart

Clifford Sage & Viktor Timofeev

Hardcore Software is a platform for decoding the language and legacy of systems. Formed by artist Lawrence Lek and curator Rachel Falconer, we take an archaeological approach to discovering patterns in networked culture. By stripping widely adopted technologies down to their skeletal core, we aim to cast systems as agents of cultural transmission.