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    held on the internet platform Waterwheel & in 15 nodes in 5 continents,

[text=center]*** EXTENDED DEADLINE: 6 December ultimate date for submission ***[/text]

Scientists, academics, artists, architects, urbanists, engineers, practitioners, activists, inventors and water drinkers are invited to submit projects and papers (25-minute presentations), performances (up to 20 minutes), panels and workshops (3 hours maximum and panels must include at least 45 minutes of discussion), on the theme “Water

[text=left]Views: Caring and Daring”.
As an element, water embodies extremes and contrasts: oceanic depth or shallow rivulet, transparent or opaque,
flowing or still. Water cycles through the living systems of the planet: water bodies, life forms, atmosphere. Climate
change has produced global water extremes in terms of sea level rise, polar ice disappearance, floods, droughts
and desertification. Is water a shared resource or a commodity that is bought, sold, owned and wasted? While
we might not all share the same perception of water, exploring deeper connections to it may facilitate a greater
understanding of how our collective views have influenced actions and decisions about water.
3WDS14 will explore questions about how we are living, and will continue to live, with water and its contrasts. There
is a demand for new perceptions and approaches to water management, urban planning, and cooperation, as well
as for a renewed respect for water as a vital resource and shared heritage.[/text]

The symposium encourages transdisciplinary approaches that include the following sub-themes:
- Histories of human perceptions and practices pertaining to freshwater and seawater.
- Knowledge of our vulnerabilities and conflicts, needs and trends, success and failures involving water.
- Communication facilitating our collective goals, plans, values and dreams for water, as well as the governance and stewardship that would facilitate them.