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Stupid Pills presents, Aurgasm #2: UNTHEM

  • Location:
    Hyperion Tavern, 1941 Hyperion Avenue, Los Angeles, California, 90027, US

Unthem is an evolving non-band situation creating killer soundscapes and images that slink into your nervous system to cause pleasingly raw detonations over and over. No two tracks are alike, but we'd reckon, if pressed, that the experience links to Rauschenberg's combines or Dusan Makavejev's black wave cinema in a parallel universe. Complex notes of Velvet Underground, Muslimgauze, and just a whiff of early Pink Floyd, mingle with swirling aromas of handpicked murk, acoustic flowers, harmonic feedback, and rusty box cutters. Modern doom never seemed so hopeful. A must with cake and beer.