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    SUDLAB, II Viale Melina, 4-6, Portici, Napoli, 80055, IT


SUDLAB as part of the program SUDLAB | NEW MEDIA ART presents the group exhibition "Tactical Glitches" curated by Rosa Menkman (NL) and Nick Briz (USA)

"Technologies come with expectations, but these expectations
aren’t always met.
An mp3 might skip and crackle. A computer monitor
might—for a moment—show shards instead of windows.
A website might
hick­up on load and scramble its contents. When this happens, we call this unexpected occurrence a glitch.
While these moments are rarely anticipated and usually unwelcome, they are at times intentionally
provoked. The result of this intentional and creative instigation is what we often call GLITCH ART." (Rosa Menkman, Nick Briz)


- glitchr (LT)
- Theo Darst (USA)
- Pox Party (USA)
- Glti.ch Karaoke (UK - ROK)
- Ana Hui Zhang (CN)
- Sherpa (GT)
- Benjamin Gaulon (FR)
- Tatjiana Marusic (CH / DE / HR)
- Nancy Mauro-Flude (AUS)

Vernissage : 24_01_014 ore 19
Finissage : 24_02_014 ore 18

Curators talk : 24_01_014 - ore 19:45
Moderator : Domenico Quaranta (ITA) -
(Contemporary art critic and curator, lecturer at the Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera and artistic director of the LINK Center for the Arts of the Information Age)

To complete the IRL show "Tactical Glitches" there will be launched an open call on the platform "0p3nr3p0".

0p3nr3p0.net—an open/public repository of glitch art worx organized by Nick Briz && Joseph Yølk Chiocchi—will be administering an ongoing open call for web pieces ( video, images, sound, html ) to be featured online and IRL at Sudlab during the exhibition. More information here http://0p3nr3p0.net/submit
We are happy to announce that during the opening night there will be a special treat for our guests. To end the evening the best way we will present a music project curated by GLTI.CH entitled "Breaks"

GLTI.CH Breaks
GLTI.CH collaborates with with adventurous DJs in cities around the world to kludge together a live, energy-fuelled party of unexpected beats and breaks that turns technical breakdowns into reasons to breakdown! Come to the Tactical Glitches opening night to dance to delays direct from London, San Francisco, South Korea and further afield.

Cover image artworks: Corrupting Miley Cyrus by Theo Darst and Untitled by glitchr)

TACTICAL GLITCHES (the website): http://tacticalgl.it/ches
TACTICAL GLITCHES event on Facebook:


SUDLAB : https://www.facebook.com/SUDLAB
II Viale Melina 4
80055 Portici (NA)