Cyberfest 2013, Panel: "Art Discourse in the Digital Age"

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Cyberfest 2013
Panel: "Art Discourse in the Digital Age"
Sunday 17th of November, Noon-2pm, The WYE (Berlin)

With: Marco Mancuso, Founder of Digicult / Tatiana Bazzichelli, Curator Transmediale / Anna Frants, CoFounder CYLAND / Chatzistefanou Panagiotis, Publisher and Writer / Kate Martin, Curator and Arts Educator

Held annually since 2007, CYBERFEST is the first and biggest festival for technologically based art in Russia. Growing over years to become a massive international event, CYBERFEST 2012 included more than 80 artists who exhibited throughout St Petersburg’s top institutions. This year, CYBERFEST 2013 will be held in Berlin: it is the first time this event has been held outside St Petersburg. This significant move was designed to strengthen the cultural exchange between art and technology creatives within Russia and their international counterparts. (

On Sunday 17th of November, the last day of CYBERFEST, there will be a panel discussion on “Art Discourse in the Digital Age” in collaboration with transmediale reSource. The panel will start at 2pm in the WYE and will be led together between Sebestian Fuller, Leah Stuhltrager, and the reSource community, involving as speaker our transmediale curator Tatiana Bazzichelli, who is also part of the advisory board of the CYBERFEST festival.

Panel’s abstract:

The parameters of how art is seen, shared, discussed and archived have changed rapidly in the course of the last decade. The panel discussion between art critics and bloggers will explore the past, present and future of covering culture.

As virtual audiences online swell to provide an unprecedented girth of eyes, brick/mortar spaces and print publications are being reconfigured to keep relevant in Contemporary Art. Coverage by veteran critics with sway culminated over long careers gaining strongholds in traditional sources under echelons of editors, advertisers and media moguls is now juxtaposed with the unbridled words and power of the internet to disseminate content. Means of archiving an artwork or exhibit for prosperity has expanded from circulations of traditional news coverage, photographs, slides to files, video and global viral mediums.

Discourse about art has expended in form, function and voices. This panel will explore these realities and their implications. It will be followed by an open, earnest, face to face Q&A discussion between the critics, bloggers and the audience. (

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