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SOUNDplay Series

  • Location:
    The Naisa Space, 601 Christie street, Toronto, ON, CA

SOUNDplay is a meeting point for experimentation in sound art and new media encouraging new avenues for exploration. The 2013 edition features installations, workshops and performances which fuse the artistic boundaries between auditory and visual media, and introduce audiences to an all-Canadian program with artists from coast to coast.

"As artists have access to a broader range of tools that allow them to incorporate multiple disciplines and multi-sensory experiences, the question becomes not which discipline these artists work within but rather how they integrate various elements from multiple disciplines into their works. With this year’s SOUNDplay, the works presented focus on two of the senses: the visual and the auditory and in particular how a visual gesture has auditory repercussions. Many of the works also use the theme Sonic Geography as a starting point. I invite you to journey with us in uncovering experiences in which the visual and the auditory become so blended that they become parts of one essence or central meaning." – Darren Copeland, Artistic Director, New Adventures in Sound Art.