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DOCtorCLIP Video-Poetry Competition

  • Location:
    Nuovo Cinema Aquila - Roma, Rome, 00100, IT

Video-poetry competition:
DOCtorCLIP is the original Italian video poetry festival, a biennial event, dedicated to xploring the border between the poetic word and the visual arts. The best entries from around the world are judged by an international jury, and receive the DOCtorCLIP Award. The jury for the 2013 edition includes; guest of honor renowned poet and activist Amiri Baraka artistic directors Thomas Zandegiacomo from Zebra Berlin and Birgit Hatlehol from Oslopoesie- two of the most important Poetry Film festivals. Marco Maria Gazzano and Caterina Davino are included on the jury and will talk about the fiftieth anniversary of video art.

Thursday 24 and Friday 25 October Nuovo Cinema Aquila will host a two-day stop at the border of the poetic wordwith a selection of works from international festivals in Oslo and Berlin. With a wide range of projections encompassing poetry, video art, and music; with open mic reading; with the extraordinary participation of Amiri Baraka, the jury president who will also perform live on the last night.