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Far-Flung follows function

  • Location:
    Experimental Media Performance Lab, Claire Trevor School of the Arts, UC Irvine, California, US

Far-Flung follows function

with Antoinette LaFarge and Robert Allen

Far-Flung follows function is an original performance work that turns a physical space into a crashing computer whose population of finders, daemons, mice, and the like struggle to avert catastrophe. The environment in which they carry out their labors is ruled by shifting weather and time of day data from live internet feeds. Thirty cities around the world take turns choreographing the lights, projections, sound, and performers themselves. As the piece unfolds, typical computer user actions such as mouse management are transformed into playful and sometimes absurd movements, triggering cascades of accidents, errors, and crossed signals. Welcome to the commedia of the motherboard.

concept and media: Ursula Endlicher
producer and writer: Antoinette LaFarge
movement director: Robert Allen
programmer: David Clarke
lighting design: Naomie Winch
costume design: Alexis Scott
music: Dorit Chrysler and Kurt Vega
set production: Lee Day and Samson Day

performers: Robert Allen, Jonathan Barouch, Claire Edmonds, Ursula Endlicher, Jeremy Charles Hohn, Antoinette LaFarge, Alexander Makardish, Lilian Wouters