New Media Day at Bushwick Film Festival

  • Location:
    LightSpace Studios, 1115 Flushing Avenue, Brooklyn, New York

Bushwick Film Festival is pleased to announce the launch of their first New Media Interactive Day on October 5th, 2013 at the 6th Annual Bushwick Film Festival. Our vision, at BFF New
Media, is to support, nurture and present creators, who along with their audience, expand story­telling by forging connections between cultural production and technology.

This years program includes panels, interactive & immersive projects, web series, and select documentary and fiction narratives that use technology to enable user generated content and create participatory experiences. The core ideas embedded in these projects is a strong focus on a social, political or environmental issue.

Our panels Shifting Storyscapes and Meet The Storytellers will feature visionary innovators and creators discussing the impact of the digital on story­telling. Shifting Storyscapes featuring
panelists Frank Rose (Art of Immersion), Ingrid Kopp (Tribeca Interactive), Joseph Jorgensen (Code and Theory), Ari Kuschnir (Mssng Peces) and Hal Siegel (Murmurco), will share their perspective as producers, technologists and cultural curators and critics working in this arena. Meet The Story­Tellers, featuring the creators behind our Featured Selections and
Web Series, will look to discuss the same from the point of view of the story­teller.

Our Featured Selections include five film based projects that have expanded their story­telling onto multiple platforms, as a way to engage the audience actively in content creation. Projects include Surveillance Siddhi (Ellen Pearlman), When The Lights Went Out (Heather Taylor),Etiquette For Lucid Dreaming (The Other Theatre), Colorism (CC Stinson) and Taxi Takes on the World (Vandana Sood­Giddings).

Other highlights during the day include Interactive and Immersive Projects that bring art, activism and technology together as a means to highlight Human Rights issues. Each project encourages direct debate and discussion with festival goers, both at the venue, and through digital platforms including Social Media. Sparked by the recent tragedies in Bangladesh,

SWAP­UNHAUL (Catherine Tyc), is an interactive documentary campaign about the sustainable fashion movement with the intention of educating and empowering the everyday consumer.
Index of the Disappeared (Chitra Ganesh and Mariam Ghani) is a collaboration between the artists since 2004, which is both a physical archive of post­9/11 disappearances and a mobile
platform for public dialogue. Breakthrough uses pop culture, multimedia, community engagement, and leadership training to reach people where they are and ignite change in the
world around them. Their current primary focus is challenging violence against women everywhere, through the lenses of immigrant and immigrant women’s rights, racial justice and
sexuality and HIV/AIDS.

Our online programming includes Featured Webseries selections, highlighting pioneers in web­based story­telling. Running through the month of September and leading up to the festival, BFF audiences can access and watch select episodes from Awkward Black Girl (Issa Rae), Vampire Mob (Joe Wilson) and East Willyb (Julia Grob and Yamin Segal) on our site. Futuremate a gripping immersive theater experience/dating app hybrid will conclude the days program.

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