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“Kinetic yoga” animated GIF show on Cinemagram App.

Dear friends & colleagues,

is out now “Kinetic yoga”, a series of animated GIF I made using Cinemagram App – It’s part of a project titled “The artist's journey” that also will include an interactive video based on YouTube. I created “Kinetic yoga” inspired by the concept of the journey the artist normally has when begin to think/create the artwork. The yoga is meant as training for the act of creation and is a very personal journey. In fact, the GIF series embrace parts of already realized artworks, parts of artworks at ‘daydream’ stage and primordial ideas or plans. Practicing yoga enables the person to identify the deep inner area and note the inner atmosphere. The journey from inside out is the connection between mind, body and space in which the body manifests the energy for creation. Don’t have Cinemagram http://cinemagr.am/show/156394387 ? Watch the Gif exhibition at: http://www.chiarapassa.it/kineticyoga.html

Best regards, Chiara