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All Together Now

  • Location:
    Fowler Project Space, 67 West Street, #216, Brooklyn, New York, 11222, US

Exhibiting Artists: Elana Alder, Ranya Asmar, Cameron Bishop, Robert Bruderman, Calum Craik, Abby Duncan, Elizabeth Grammaticas, Tom Henry, Lucia Hinojosa, Chris Hood, Zenia Jaeger, Tommy Kwak, Aaron Maier, Sean McElroy, Kate Nielsen, Yuko Oda, Nicole Savoy, Wade Schaming, Julie Schneider, Candice Strongwater, and James Vanderberg.

Fowler Project Space is pleased to present All Together Now, an exhibition of talented artists from the studios that form Fowler Arts Collective, that investigates what it means to work in a collective today. The work presented in All Together Now is self-revelatory and aims to give our audience and ourselves a better understanding about what we make, why we make it, and how working in a shared space might influence our work. Artist-run collectives and galleries are an important part of the art-world ecosystem in New York City. Perhaps in reaction to more commercially driven “white-box” galleries, artist-run spaces offer artists an alternative, more self-directed path to making and showing work while figuring out how to survive this city. By choosing to present individually created work in the same collective space, this exhibition considers whether the work we present exists in some collective consciousness. We ask how this space binds us together or keeps us separate.

Please join us for the opening reception of All Together Now on Friday, Sept. 13th from 6-9pm. The opening takes place during a neighborhood wide event, Greenpoint Gallery Night, during which 12+ galleries will hold receptions during the same late hours.