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Call for entries: Moonstruck: Hong Kong Artist's Biennale 2005

  • Deadline:
    March 22, 2005, 2:51 p.m.

Exhibition open to artists around the world submitting a 13 x 13 cm ( x 13 cm if 3D) work by the opening, 1 April 2005 at 6 pm. Entries may be sent by e-mail for printing here.

FAQs: No prizes, no glory, no entry fees, no return of work, just a biennale we can call our own.

Start Date: 1/4/2005
End Date: 30/4/2005
Vernissage: 1/4/2005, 6-8 pm

information: aranita@paris.com

The theme of this exhibition is MOONSTRUCK, and it celebrates the aberrant, angry, ape, athrill, barmy, batty, beatific, berserk, beside oneself, bewildered, blissful, bonkers, carried away, confused, cool, corybantic, cracked, crazed, crazy, delirious, cuckoo, daft, delighted, delirious, demented, deranged, deviant, deviate, dingy, dippy, disarranged, disordered, distracted, distraught, disturbed, dreamy, drunk, ecstatic, elated, enraptured, enthused, enthusiastic, entranced, erratic, euphoric, excited, far out, fervent, fevered, feverish, fiery, flaky, flipped out, flipped, floating, flushed, flying high, frantic, fraught, freaked out, frenetic, frenzied, fruity, furious, gone, hallucinatory, happy, haywire, hectic, high, hopped up, hot, hyper, hysterical, idiotic, imbalanced, in exaltation, incoherent, inflamed, insane, intoxicated, irrational, joyful, joyous, keyed up, kooky, lightheaded, lunatic, mad, maniac, maniacal, manic, mental, nuts, nutty, out, overexcited, overjoyed, overwrought, potty, psycho, pyretic, rabid, raging, rambling, rapturous, raving, ravished, real gone, rhapsodic, screw loose, screwball, screwy, sent, shook up, silly, spaced out, spazzed out, stoned, sunny, thrilled, tickled pink, touched, transported, turned on, unbalanced, unglued, unhinged, unreasonable, unscrewed, unsettled, unzipped, upbeat, violent, wacky, wandering, weird, weirded out, whackoagitated, wicked, wigged out, wild, wired, worked up, and ARTISTIC things that make life interesting.


Club 64, Rear gallery
12-14 Wing Wah Lane
G/F, D'Aguilar Street
Central, Hong Kong
Email: info@club64.hk
Website: http://www.club64.hk

Artist/s: (as of 22 March 2005)

Mary G. Padua (HK), Paulina Wong (HK), Elaine Mok (HK), Wong Hoi-yan (HK), Marylene Lichtenstern (HK), Richard Thomas (Melbourne), Sarawut Chutiwongpeti (Bangkok), Simon Birch (HK), Chun Poon (HK), Szewan Chan (HK), Koala Yip (HK), Jeffrey du Vallier d’Aragon Aranita (HK), Roberto Scala (Milan, IT), Adam Nankervis (Birmingham, UK), Catrina Davino (Lecco, IT), Don T. Stevenson (Houston, USA), Zena Stetka Howe (Houston, USA), Guido Vermeulen (Brussel, Belgium), Lucinda Knight (Bath, UK), Jill Elizabeth Rock (London), Jose Vieira (Sao Paulo, Brasil), Luis Arturo Aguiar Palacios (Havana, Cuba), Dorothea Fleiss (Stuttgart, Germany), Ricardo Ribenboim (Rio de Janeiro, Brasil), Margareth Degeling (The Netherlands), Ernst Kraft (Malaga, Spain), Bayo Iribhogbe (Nigeria/NYC), Caroline Chiu (HK), Megan Olinger (HK), Caroline Hui (HK), Cynthia Beth Rubin (Providence, USA)

Jeffrey du Vallier d'Aragon Aranita
22 Sui Wo Road, T2/7C
Fotan, Shatin, New Territories
Hong Kong, Special Administrative Region
The People's Republic of China
E-mail: aranita@paris.com
Web: http://atelieraranita.com
Tel: +852 9522 7176
Fax: +852 2690 0302