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LIVING DEAD – suche i wilgotne

  • Location:
    LIVING DEAD, Galeria EL, Kuśnierska 6, ,, Elbląg, 82-300, PL

Michal Brzezinski: artist combining his activities with biological matter systems, futurologist. In his work he uses interfaces such as medical ultrasound, GSR, and EEG to study the affects to search for interspecies language. The roots of his artistic activities lie in the subcultures of music and video art that animates at an altitude of theoretical discourse in the years 2000-2010. Curator working with galleries such as the Museum of Art in Lodz, the Centre for Contemporary Art in Gdansk LAZNIA.

“In my work I am going beyond the traditional limits set posthumanism and transhumanism, seeking answers to the fundamental questions of philosophy that has changed with advances in technology. Today the human race can not define themselves as if technology has not become a part of it, and as if biotechnology had to change his basic predispositions. We are the first species that give you control of its own evolution, and the first could create life (not only mechanical but also biological). Man has created an artificial living cell, language for DNA programming, and 3D soon will be able to create any lifeform only we design, and machines are the machines we created are not only created to support human body and thoughts, but they are thinking itself instead of us, alone. Looking for a definition of life including the protected bios that will touch various hybrid forms of mechanical and biological I had created the idea of “Exoethics”. I had created the artistic language of affective communication between the various currently popular forms of life, which to date have not had conventionalized intersubjective communication channels.” Michal Brzezinski

Michal Brzezinski’s latest exhibition focuses on the phenomenon of “half-life”, “semi-life” transforming and referring to his work categories drawn from the texts accompanying the exhibited in Poland, a classic for bioart works of Oron Catts & Ionat Zurr (The Tissue Culture and Art Project). The artist not only appropriates that term, referring it to a broader vision of contemporary culture, expanding inter alia, the elements of film studies perspective. Brzezinski is a philosopher expresses his ideas in language arts for which at once demonstrates the importance of cybernetic human race (he sees and describes it in ten years, both in the text and in their artistic realizations). The phenomenon limits the categories of life, identity and body are constantly being redefined and recontextualised as the art of speaking with these new tools. Title “living dead”, because that is a reference to pop culture horror genre gore EVIL DEAD. Half live objects are composed of organic parts and information. Sometimes it is our body becomes part necessary for the existence of a whole cyborg artworks, sometimes they are plants or animals for the duration of the exhibition included in the exhibition. The exhibition is the interspecies agora which uses information technology to be become a common ground of mutual affects interpretation. At the exhibition there will be comments on the events and discussions on the relationship of ethics and biosztuki not only in terms of ecology, and animal rights. Ethics is an essential territory where the game takes place in the so-called art. average customer. But this is a game covering a wider territory and at the exhibition draws to a broader vision of the world in which each element of the crystals by plants and animals have a spiritual essence refers to the shamanic cultures and the vision of this applied to the art of creating a new paradigm where technology, art and biology coexisting struggling with the perception of the world and of art as a dead object. Art is animate matter but not in a vaguely metaphorical way. Recovery through art shall be made only by showing the life of dead objects. Ethical boundary for this project as well as for every gesture of human existence in the world is therefore something that the creator describes as “time required” – the pressure is defined as a kind of necessary evil, alien crowding outside your own in order to maintain the biological existence of the entity. It will test the relationship between ethics and the conditions are not always conducive to life, the variables in a given space. Oppression is a discipline, power, and all our culture is trying to “necessary evil” to remedy, or at least sublimate, while the culture itself is such a kind of oppression. So probably agree that the best solutions are the cultural wars of economic, legal or between operators or state than the bloody methods of settling disputes which to this day are practiced in different parts of the world. Side which should stand as artists is obvious – but there are times when you need to restore the awareness of evil and that it does not disappear completely, and is displaced only in appropriate circumstances and these circumstances are only guaranteed to stop the evil forces partnership that is waiting to strike at the you least expect it.