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On the Grid at Lu Magnus Gallery, NYC

  • Location:
    Lu Magnus , 55 Hester Street, New York , New York, US

June 28 - August 2, 2012
Lu Magnus, New York

Curated by Sima Familant

Michael DeLucia
Anoka Faruqee
Keltie Ferris
Michelle Grabner
Xylor Jane
Robert Zungu

On the Grid, a group exhibition curated by Sima Familant, includes six artists that materially respond to the technological underpinnings that encode postmodernity. The included artworks do not invoke “new media," rather use painting and sculpture to examine the formal and conceptual core of technological systems. “Technology” – programmed in binary code – incites, guides and structures our daily lives. Prioritizing visual depth and dimension in their surfaces, the artists included in On the Grid create visual codes, aesthetic analogues that mediate our 21st century realities.

Anoka Faruqee’s illusionistic matrixes torque the legacy of fractal geometry; Robert Zungu sculpts silk cocoons into Minimalist grids; Michael DeLucia employs 3D modeling software and computer controlled routing to extract surface abrasions into geometric plywood structures; Keltie Ferris’ abstract paintings recall what we thought the future might look like; Xylor Jane aestheticizes mathematical sequences through the phenomenology of color and form; and Michelle Grabner’s tondo paintings re-pattern the structural integrities of everyday life.