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(E)scapes: exporing the sonic relationship between body and space An installation exhibit with works by Satoshi Morita and Hill Haroki Kobayashi

  • Location:
    NAISA Space, 601 Christie Street #252, Toronto, ON, M6G 4C7, CA

Exhibition times: Aug 10 & 17 - 10 am to 3 pm; August 14-17 - 6:30 to 8 pm
NAISA Space, 601 Christie Street #252

(E)scapes: exploring the sonic relationship between body and space is an exhibition featuring two interactive sound sculptures that explore the relationship of the human body to the soundscape. New Adventures in Sound Art is grateful for the support of the Japan Foundation in making this exhibition possible.

Sonic Suit (2012) by Satoshi Morita
By wearing "Sonic Suit," audible sound reaches the ears through the air, while vibrotactile sonic vibrations excite sense receptors of the skin on several locations in the upper torso. Sonic Suit provides audiences with a heightened physical perception of the everyday world.

Tele Echo Tube (2011) by Hill Hiroki Kobayashi
Tele Echo Tube is a speaking tube installation that vocally interacts with a remote forest through a networked remote-controlled speaker and microphone through the slightly vibrating lamp-shade like interface.