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Clear As Mud/Lustig Weil


7th March - 20th June 2013

The final residency in the Tovarisch series (2011-2013) concludes this Thursday 20th June. If you haven't already browsed through the exhibition proposals 'Skanking on the Information Superhighway' or seen the videos 'Olaf the Reasonable Swedish Deity' or 'The Institutional Building; a keystone in our thinking and behaviour', then please click through before all the work is condemned to the rubbish-heap of international finance.

To enter, click the link and navigate to the Tovarisch portal http://www.theunstitute.org/


The Unstitute is undergoing redevelopment works until autumn 2013. The building will be open to visitors throughout the redesign.

Watch this space for details of our new residency scheme 'Spatio-Mnemonic' launching in mid-September, which will consist in a number of permanent architectural installations. If you would like details on how to apply, please email theunstitute@gmail.com to submit yourself to the rigor of process.

Drifting towards (x)…

The Unstitute is curating a vast new video archive which documents the War of London which happened in secret in 2012 and involved a total breakdown of civic order and civilized behaviour in the Metropolitan area. A new wing is being developed to house this invaluable and unique archive which will be fully interactive to viewers, providing a personal insight into a city-wide crisis.

You can watch samples of documentary footage by clicking through the links below:

Muvver Tongue

Slot-Machine Wife

Current project

The Unstitute is participating in 'Noise Intercepted' - an global audio research project of the urban environment. Click through to hear some sounds. http://thenoiseproject.net/author/theunstitute/

The Noise Project is a curatorial initiative produced by Labspace Studio.

Labspace Studio is a hybrid art house and creative agency based in Toronto, Canada.