Making Sense of Paper, Glitter & Life

  • Location:
    La MaMa Galleria, 6 E 1st Street, New York, New York, 10003, US

Backward is forward, Fabulousness can lead to sadness, Writing letters to the dead can be cathartic, Letting one's self be overwhelmed can save time…

These are the experiences of curators of the NOT OVER exhibition series. Join Visual AIDS and Residency Unlimited for a conversation with Sur Rodney (Sur) and Kris Nuzzi (curators of NOT OVER: 25 Years of Visual AIDS), and Andrew Blackley (curator of Not only this, but 'New language beckons us.'), moderated by Nayland Blake. Hear the curators share initial exhibition ideas, the process of working with artists from different generations, backgrounds and point of views, and what they learned along the way.

Stay and join us for a reception to celebrate the launch of our publication, NOT OVER: 25 Years of Visual AIDS, edited by Nelson Santos, designed by John Chaich.