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Speculative: Futures, Origins, and Everyday Staples

  • Location:
    El Pueblo De Los Angeles, E-12 Olvera St, Los Angeles, California, 90012, US

Speculative: Futures, Origins, and Everyday Staples, is a series of generative soundscapes, visuals, performances, and reports about the origins and future of the peer-to-peer cryptocurrency Bitcoin. The works explore the feasibility of Bitcoin as a daily currency, the long term future of the currency, its impact on monetary exchanges, nation states, and food staples. These works are the first public results from the ongoing research work conducted by the Yáuhjagwái Holdings Limited Committee on Cultural Affairs’ Technology, Currency, and Foodstuffs Joint Task Force and the Yáuhjagwái Holdings Limited International Arts Attaché (YHLIAA), in collaboration with international artist and technologist Emery C. Martin. Additional contributors to the touring trans-disciplinary show, Speculative: Futures, Origins, and Everyday Staples, include: Sam Bruce, Sean Buckelew, Robert Dansby, Electronic Countermeasures LLC, and Kerstin Hovland.

Special Presentations
Speculative: Origins I - 6/13 @ 6:30pm
Speculative: Origins II - 6/15 @ 6pm
Speculative: Present I - 6/20 @ 6pm
Speculative: Present II - 6/22 @ 6pm
Speculative: Future I - 6/27 @ 6pm
Speculative: Future II - 6/29 @ 6:30pm

Gallery Hours: Wed-Sat 11am-3pm or by appointment

Made possible with support from: CalArts: School of Film/Video, Chinese American Museum, Electronic Countermeasures LLC, El Pueblo De Los Angeles, and Yáuhjagwái Holdings Ltd 油妖控股公司

Yáuhjagwái Holdings Ltd (YHL)(油妖控股公司) is an international holding company with expertise in agricultural/food commodities and futures. YHL recently expanded its international reach into the ASX, CMT, JSE, KANEX, MATba, MtGOX, and SICOM commodity exchanges. YHL continues to promote cultural endeavors within mainland China and abroad through their ongoing Committee on Cultural Affairs (YHLCCA) and the YHL International Arts Attaché (YHLIAA). All works have been made available by Yáuhjagwái Holdings Ltd’s (YHL) Committee on Cultural Affairs and International Arts Attaché. http://yauhjagwailtd.com/