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    team titanic, Flughafenstrasse 50, Berlin, 12053, DE

w/ Hanne Lippard, Marco Mendeni, Ana Mendes, Abinadi Meza, Alex Chinh Nguyen, Chrischa Oswald, Stefan Riebel, Sebastian Schmieg, Ilya Smirnov & Anna Teterkina, Carlo Zanni

Crabs are capable of walking forward or diagonally, but usually they walk sideways. The term "crabs" is used in greek to describe the phenomenon of palindrome, an inscription that may be read backwards. Palindromes were viewed as being immune to tampering by the devil, who would become confused by the repetition of the letters.

NOOE | PALINDROME circles around the approach of reading data again (palin) from a certain direction (dromos). Among the displayed are a NewNewPortrait, the color Beige, a def to getLinkToSimilarImagesPage(self), mountains generated by eBay stock market charts as well as algorithmic cinema and a granny vacuuming the church floor.

We are confused, let yourself be confused too.

Sincerely yours
crab, devil & bob
aka †eam †itanic