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∴L Y F ∃ K O D E∴__sourcə в

  • Location:
    Loft594, 594 Bushwick Ave, Brooklyn, New York, 11206, US

A one-night experimental, sound, and live interactive performance exhibition where every human present acts out their digital selves. Face-erasing masks and floating devices will be supplied to substitute human identifiers. The mass coming together of IRL avatars will create a world that existed only before through Sim City, The Sims, Second Life, and other MMORPGs.

Curated by performance collective, VV/LD TØR∇S, and performance artist, Anna Marie Shogren. Featuring artists VV/LD TØR∇S with Goldie Salimkhan, Cory Bracken, Thickly Painted Walls, g—f—a (Jesse Gammage), Gillian Walsh, MPLS (Jaime Carrera), Judith Shimer, Dustin Nelson, and Lawrence Mesich.

R.S.V.P. https://www.facebook.com/events/591578077541383/

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