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Digicult Panel in Venice: “We’re on the Road to Nowhere” - Ca’ Foscari University, June 31

Digicult, CYLAND Media Art Lab (St Petersburg, Russia) & Centro Studi sulle Arti della Russia (CSAR)
Ca’ Foscari University in Venice presents:

Ca' Foscari University, Dorsoduro, Venice
Friday, May 31 - From 11.00 to 13.00
Curated by: Marco Mancuso
With: Alessio Erioli, Bertram Niessen, Domenico Quaranta, Valentina Tanni

The meeting will focus on the possible intermedia territories related to the impact of digital technologies and open networks on contemporary art, design and society.

We are on a road whose final destination is unknown. We can barely distinguish its edges, its borders, its rules of travel. But in the end we do not care that much. We are jauntily adapting our professionalism, our interests, our fields of research and analysis, in order to understand the complexity of contemporaneity.

We are not worried, we are not confused. We observe art, culture, markets, design in our Information Age, envisaging future scenarios and comparing them with past experiences, noting overlapping elements between disciplines, materializing in the folds of possible differences between research areas. We are living in a mature age, aware of the social, economic and creative limits of technologies, but also looking at their development and impact on society through a professional and curios perspective.

So, we are on a road of inconsistencies, of sudden changes, of at times destabilizing extremes. We live its complexity and are not only keen to analyse it, we try to make it part of our lives and work. We seek to illustrate it through exhibitions, meetings, articles, round tables, readings, educational activities. We are no longer children and we know what we want, we know out of which material our future is made and which kind of technology it will adopt in order to acquire a new shape, a shape which we still do not know. But give us the time to find this out: our curiosity is everybody’s curiosity, and reflects that aspiration to understand the society we live in.

Alessio Erioli, Bertram Niessen, Domenico Quaranta and Valentina Tanni will guide us along this road. They will tell us about the dynamics related to information dissemination, about networks and channels promoting professional and artistic collaborations. They will explain to us how to observe nature and landscapes around us, for us to replicate their shapes, approaches and parameters.

They will lead us towards technological complexity and variety of styles, expressions and languages that characterize contemporary art, while reflecting on the meaning of identity and medialisation which is part of us, men and women of the XXI Century. Jump on board, the journey has just begun …

Marco Mancuso
Digicult Director


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