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#WB: quoting Walter Benjamin
An interactive media reading

A print compilation and real-time performance reflecting the contemporary relevance of the media theorist and philosopher Walter Benjamin. The structure of facebook as a social networking tool and magazine with decentralized notes,essays and media publications, in a mixture of private and public statements coming from all kinds of content fields, enhanced the concept of short daily updating and interactive communication to collectively create an associative publication on life and oeuvre of Walter Benjamin.

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Tribute to Hans Richter
A participative audiovisual enactment
on contemporary issues of the artistic and the political sovereign

Oscillating between the conscious creation of fiction and unconscious narration, improvised performance and collective artistic action; reflecting the role of the artist as so-called professional and that as a political sovereign; exploring aesthetic deepening and social
action, the interactive audiovisual enactment Tribute to Hans Richter is an appreciation of the aesthetic work and the political attitude of the Dadaist and early experimental filmmaker Hans Richter. In a common experience with the audience, it reviews the Dadaist approaches developed in the beginnings of film history in terms of their contemporary relevance for Expanded Cinema in the second decade of the 21st Century.

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Blessed Simonida from the Brilliant Grounds
An audiovisual enactment on contemporary issues of the political sovereign following Brecht

Simonida is a Romni who works and lives at Hotel am Brillantengrund, the name of the hotel describing its location in a quarter of Vienna which once was the most wealthy industrial quarter of the city. Simonida enjoyed thorough education but to make a living she works as a waitress but knows poverty very well. She is aware of the plight of those who struggle for daily bread, but she is convinced that people – however they want to live or however they can make a living - deserve a life of prosperity and recognition. She tirelessly
fights for the rights of the disenfranchised, but her battle is getting tougher in a capitalism being as shattered as ruthless. Simonida is stretched to her limits. Does this struggle make sense at all?
Blessed Simonida from the Brilliant Grounds is a real-time improvisation taking a critical look at present social developments in Europe – introducing an outlook which may not always awaken
high hopes, but there is one aspect the director Alexandra Reill certainly never forgets: never forget how fragile people are.

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Photo: Sascha Osaka, 2012.