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Darren Copeland - Trinity Square Underwater Soundwalk

  • Location:
    Trinity Square, Toronto, ON, CA

NXNE Art (Soundwalk Performance)

Trinity Square (meet outside Eaton Centre entrance in Trinity Square)
Call 416-652-5115 for more info
Admission FREE

Listeners will be led on a soundwalk around Trinity Square Park. During the walk the sonic architecture of the park will be animated by narrow high frequency beams. The beams will project underwater sounds such as clicking noises from fish and will create the auditory impression that the fish are moving along the ground or across the walls of buildings and other structures. Darren Copeland is a Canadian sound artist and is the Artistic Director of New Adventures in Sound Art. Copeland's sound art work explores the everyday soundscape and spatial listening. Recently, he has just returned from two performances in Belgium using the Audio Spotlight directional loudspeaker, which will be featured in this performance.