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Dear Friends,

we’ve launched a new exhibition project called “ScreenSaverGallery”. The project is exploring the subtle and very specific exhibition space on the edge of intimate real life environment and public on-line space, as impersonated in personal monitor.
In order to perceive the exhibition, the user has to give up interactive functions normally performed on his computer and wholly surrender to the “passive” experience offered by the screen saver.

The “ScreenSaverGallery” started in March 2013 with “Interior series” by Berlin-based artist, curator and art historian Robert Sakrowski; (more info: http://screensaver.metazoa.org/sakrowski-interiors/) and will continue with new projects selected by various curators.

“SreenSaverGallery” is aimed not only at software and web based artworks, but also explores the screen-saving possibilities of more traditional art forms, mediums and processes.

The announce of new launches and further information concerning the exhibition will be regularly published at http://screensaver.metazoa.org. Once installed, the “ScreenSaverGallery” will automatically renew its programme according to the exhibition plan, bringing new works of art onto your computer screen.

“ScreenSaverGallery” does not endanger Your computer nor Your privacy.


Mary Meixner
Barbora Trnkova & Tomas Javurek