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Surface Tension in the Age of Non-destructive Mediation

  • Location:
    Robert C. Turner Gallery, 2 Pine St. , Alfred, New York, 14802, US

"Surface Tension in the age of Non-destructive Mediation" is a culmination of digital media based installations, single-channel videos, and prints by artist Brandon Barr, that explore the threshold of symbolic automation and natural entropy. This is Brandon Barr's MFA Thesis Exhibition at Alfred University where he studied in the Electronic Integrated Arts program for the past two years. He has exhibited his work extensively nationally and internationally including Brazil and recently in Dalian, China.

"I want to approach digital media as a materialist. I have always been attracted to the contrast between digital and physical space and often implement video projection within three-dimensional sculpture or installation. This technique can blur the line between physical materiality and the technical image externalizing the entropic tendencies in all structural forms. I also create single-channel video work, but this too takes into consideration the medium itself and its physicality. By applying glitch techniques, the inner-workings of video compression and the transfer of data becomes revealed. This creates a push and pull between the immersive qualities of the video and subversive qualities of the processes at work. Digital mediums also have the capability to capture physical phenomena through high-speed video or photography, allowing a closer examination of our material reality and the natural characteristics of our world."

-Brandon Barr