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Coded Knitting

  • Location:
    Kala Art Institute, 1060 Heinz Avenue , Berkeley, California, 94710, US

Whether you are a seasoned knitter or new to the craft, the subversive language of knit-stitch patterns will inspire your art and design practice. Textured patterns, cables and colorwork motifs are simple to execute, but speak volumes. Students will be introduced to the meaning and origin of several types of knitted patterns and the endless possibilities of a wearable art practice. Classes include hands on demonstrations, recommended reading discussions and slide lectures.

Students will learn how to reveal meaning through a unique language of stitches as well as how to draft and create original garments.
Symbolic lace motifs, personalized information in colorwork and topographic cables will be used in your own original garments to tell your personal story. Learn to knit your life!

Amy Keefer earned a master of fine arts degree in textiles from California College of the Arts in 2009. Hailed as “radical in its romance,” her work focuses on the social practice of making and wearing garments that reveal private information to the public. She is a full time instructor in textiles and wearable art at the Harvey Milk Center for the Arts in San Francisco. Her work has been recognized nationally, most recently as part of the Universal Festival of Relational Aesthetics in Orange County, CA, Boston Fashion Week and Kala’s exhibition “Cashing Out.” Her full CV and recent work can be viewed at www.amykeefer.com.