Biophysical Music Poland Tour - Bios@Techne@Art

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    Various cities in Poland, , PL

Curated by Maciej Ozog, Bios@Techne@Art is a program of performative events spanning 4 major cities in Poland. The aim is to foster discussion around the role of biotechnologies in performance art, and explore how such framework can inform the cultural perception of the body.

According to each venue, I'll be performing three diverse pieces of biophysical music for the open and free instrument Xth Sense:

- Music for Flesh II, solo piece for enhanced body
- Ominous, incarnated sound sculpture
- Hypo Chrysos, action art for vexed body

Works info

Xth Sense and biophysical music

Each concert will also see on stage:

- Maciej Ozog's Transient Body / Liminal Space,
- Gerard Lebik's Tractography Neural Tracts Noise



- 27.03.2013, 7 pm, Gdansk
Laznia Centre for Contemporary Art, Jaskółcza 1, 80-767 Gdansk, Poland

- 28.03.2013, 8 pm, Warsaw
Centre for Contemporary Art Ujazdowski Castle,
ul. Jazdów 2, 00-467 Warsaw, Poland

- 29.03.2013, 8 pm, Wroclaw
Falanster, ul. Św. Antoniego 23, 50-073 Wroclaw

- 02.04.2013, 7 pm, Lodz (Panel discussion)
Art Factory, ul. Tymienieckiego 3, 90-365 Lodz, Poland

- 03.04.2013, 8 pm, Lodz
Art Factory, ul. Tymienieckiego 3, 90-365 Lodz, Poland

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