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NAISA's Sound Bash Performance by Twelve X

  • Location:
    NAISA - New Adventures in Sound Art, 601 Christie #252, Toronto, Ontario, M6G 2X7, CA

Join us this Saturday March 23, 2013 for a performances by Twelve X as part of the NAISA Sound Bash Concert Series.

For the month of March, NAISA's installation space will be filled with everyday objects especially selected for the interesting sounds they make when struck or played, offering you a chance to play with sound and manipulate it live. NAISA's Sound Bash Concert series includes performances on this evolving instrument / sound installation. Join us for four evening Saturday performances March 2, 9, 16, 23 and a chance to join in afterwards. Evening concert performances by artists Ellen Fullman & Theresa Wong (March 2); Debashis Sinha (March 9), Reinhard Reistzenstein & Gayle Young (March 16), Twelve X (March 23).

Twelve X, founded in 2012, is a Toronto based contemporary music duo (Matthew Miller (synths/electronics) and Neil Wiernik (bass/electronics)). Matt Miller is a multi-disciplinary musician, composer and sound designer, exploring found sound, DIY synths, live remixing and controllerism, and Neil Wiernik is an audio contortionist firmly grounded in formal contemporary composition but is also at home in the rich traditions of dub studio culture, post-rock atmospherics and the by chance musings of free music improvisors. For more information please visit twelve-x.net

Check www.naisa.ca or http://www.naisa.ca/SoundBash.html for full performance information.

Check out short videos of performances on the 10th anniversary year's installation by Bentley Jarvis (http://youtu.be/OxbJUWTbqzM), Neil Wiernik (http://youtu.be/Tf9XFiPqRtE), Rick Sacks (http://youtu.be/TvqMS1U0dvY) and dreamSTATE (http://youtu.be/1FKE32damnc).

Media contact: Ian Jarvis Production Coordinator 416 652-5515 info@naisa.ca
Nadene Thériault-Copeland / Executive Director naisa@naisa.ca