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Live From the Control Room, pt. 2

  • Location:
    Museum of Arts and Design, 2 Columbus Circle, New York, New York

Thomas Dexter
G Lucas Crane
Tristan Shepherd

Marks the second event of a two-part series during E.S.P TV's residency at the Museum of Art and Design, Feb - May 2013.

"Live From the Control Room" repurposes MAD’s Open Studios into the E.S.P. TV Lab. Hosting a variety of local artists and performers who work with analog systems, as well as broadcast innovators and other voices in the field, "Live From the Control Room" forms a happening-like environment for discussion, performance, and communal production of experimental broadcast television.

$7 (proceeds go to the artists)
Purchase at door or pre-order from MAD website (see link).

For more information on this and other events or to pre-order tickets, please consult the calendar on the Museum of Art and Design website at: http://www.madmuseum.org/series/esp-tv