Written on the body. 7 women, 7 artists for a group show which is to leave its mark on the audience.

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    E-lite studiogallery, Corte San Blasio 1c, Lecce, Lecce, 73100, IT

E-lite studiogallery doesn’t belie. All is ready at the Italian contemporary art gallery in Lecce, which promotes the young Italian contemporary art scene with accuracy and enthusiasm, for the opening of the exhibition named "Written on the body" on next March, 8. On display Elisa Anfuso, Anna Caruso, Silvia Faieta, Ilaria Margutti, Jara Marzulli, Natascia Raffio, Vania Elettra Tam.

The group show, inspired by the book of the writer Jeanette Winterson, is launching the ambitious long-term art project "{her} Feel Like A Woman" curated by Flavia Lanza: an annual exhibition which, by pinpointing a theme and a selected group of artists throughout the country, will present to the public a path whose aim is to restore, through art, an image able to represent the aesthetic and interior identity of women in the third millennium.

"The project acts as a liaison between the delicate “new woman question”, which becomes more critical day by day, and the human, social, cultural and political contribution that art can bring to the cause, even in anticipation of a process rather long and slow, oriented towards the possibilities related to contemporary artistic languages as alternative methods of information and training of new consciousness able to modify the present and rebuild it. The "feminine" is one of the most topical and controversial issues of our time”, as Francesca De Filippi writes in the critical text which accompanies the exhibition.

Seven different artistic styles and languages, more than twenty artworks, of which eleven specifically created for the exhibition, investigate the plurality, the mistery, the intensity of the body’s meaning, staging an emotional story which promises to make its mark in the audience.

“Written on the body is a secret code only visible in certain lights; the accumulations of a lifetime gather there”. This is the fil rouge unwound along the exhibition. A body which surprises and amazes us with his emotional and rational universe in the painting by Anna Caruso, with the contradictions of spirit and body in the sculpture and the graphics by Silvia Faieta and the irrepressible innocence and chameleon-like scenarios of those by Natascia Raffio. A body which wraps and calls us back to him with the ecstatic and sensual tale of paintings by Jara Marzulli and with the figures embroidered symbolically to represent the plots of our existence, by Ilaria Margutti. A body which enchants us and leaves us dazed after crossing the world of memory and ties painted by Elisa Anfuso and after being thrown into a dimension between appearance and reality, surface and depth of the unconscious of the ironic images of women portrayed by Vania Elettra Tam.

"Denying the contact between the bodies entails, often, even denying our own body. Yet, nowadays, inside and outside the virtual reality of which we are the main characters, we see a succession of images and messages in which it is the body to be represented and to represent, in a rhythm of nagging dumb idols which we should all strive for. And, in this scenario, the female body seems more like a juicy hunting ground in which every "manipulation" is professed in the name of an alleged freedom gained. It turns out, however, that the feminine is involved in a process which leads to depersonalization, weakening of individuals and even of the relationships between them, which are becoming more and more instrumental. This exhibition is meant to represent the female body as a way of understanding existence, as a map to explore, from the epidermis to the mystery of the soul, an expression of the language of love, medium on which is written our own history. A body as an identity which throbs, being life and generating life (Flavia Lanza)".

The exhibition, organized by E-lite studiogallery and promoted by the Municipality of Lecce, is open until April, 8 according to the following schedule: Tuesday - Saturday: 9 - 12:30 am and 5 – 9 pm, Sunday 5 – 9 pm. Closed on Mondays . (Free admission)

Sponsors: Nicolì Costruzioni; Mokaffè; Vestas Hotels & Resort; Leone de Castris, vitivinicoltori dal 1665

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