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 - Edited by Mauro Ceolin, Claudio Musso - Published by Digicult Editions

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Mauro Ceolin


Edited by Mauro Ceolin, Claudio Musso
Published by Digicult Editions: "Artists' Book Series"

The first book published by the new born Digicult Editions, within the "Artists0 Book Series", has the double function of collecting and continue the experience PageRank#CMdc born on the occasion of an interview between the two curators published on Digimag magazine (the past version of the new Digimag Journal) published by Digicult.

PageRank # CMdc represents a new stage of contemporaryNaturalism, the project with which Mauro Ceolin intended to build a line of research that has the ability to incorporate a variety of discourses, languages ​​and meta-languages. Since 2006, in fact, built a path in progress based on the logics of the catalog and archive to highlight the existence of a biology of the contemporary imagery.

The action is developed in three phases: prologue, performance, documentation.
The first phase called PageRank#CMdcU_video, it is configured as the fusion of the promotional launch, the request for participation and dissemination of the operation of the vehicle in a single product: a viral video. The work stands as a manifesto of the artist’s research and as a means of explanation. The visual path was born as a direct reaction to stimuli from the textual component that places the artist has translated illustrate it through a process of analogical correspondences. The second phase was condensed in a performance in two acts: a time dedicated to the collection of topographic information, visual and sound and a public lecture organized as "dialogue illustrated".

As the video, even the conversation between the artist and the curator is presented as a compendium of research, the inputs and insights offered by the development of the project. On the one hand a path through the streets of Udine during which have been identified specific suggestions that have been used as aggregators thematic during the discussion. The third and final phase (the book you are reading) documentation of the work consists of heterogeneous material (interviews, notes, email, photographs, images, etc..) enclosed in a publication.
This volume contains the documentation for all phases of the project, including an interview with Mauro Ceolin by Pau Waelder and an unpublished text by Claudio Musso.

Digicult Editions has the goal to be active in the publication of the Digimag Journal, critical and theoretical essays commissioned to international authors, university theses of special interest, publications edited in collaboration with other national and international publishers, as well as peer-reviewed publications with institutional partners.

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