NAISA Sound Bash March Break Fun Fair

  • Location:
    NAISA Space, 601 Christie Street, , Ontario, CA

Sound Bash Fun Fair during March Break!
$2 per person

This year, NAISA has developed special March Break family-friendly activities. Drop-in during our scheduled times March 9 - 17 (or email for private bookings). Children big and small will enjoy the many fun fair activities which are designed to connect everyday activities with fascinating sounds including fishing for sounds, bucket toss, recycled bowling, toonie toss (use your admission fee), spin the wheel and other sound inspired activities. As well they can play, strike, pluck, or tap a collection of found objects that are amplified and modified to reveal unusual sounds that they didn't think were possible.

Media contact: Ian Jarvis Production Coordinator 416 652-5515
                           Nadene Thériault-Copeland / Executive Director