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The Experimental Sounding Board: Live Sonic Drawing ii

  • Location:
    West Hill Community Hall, Compton Avenue, Brighton, East Sussex, BN1 3PS, GB

The Experimental Sounding Board
Live Sonic Drawing ii


The Experimental Sounding Board is a live drawing session in response to improvised performances. Participants are invited to engage with drawing materials, tools and sound-producing devices, exploring different forms of gesture and expression.

The aim is to create working collaborations, and a developing pool of ideas which will realise the potential for interaction between sonic and visual modes of improvisation. Although there will be some structure and planning of these workshop events, it is expected that many of the results will be generated from spontaneous and interactive creation.

A night of electroacoustic music performances exploring immersive soundscapes, high frequencies, low rumbles, reverb-drenched noise washes and drone swells through processing and programming.

Alessandro Altavilla + Adam Parkinson

Alessandro Altavilla is a media artist, a sound designer for cinema, dance and theatre, as well as specialising in electroacoustic music performances. Alessandro’s research is mainly focused on acoustic ecology, sound maps and mobile technology.


Adam Parkinson is a PhD candidate based in Culture Lab and ICMUS. He uses programming in Max / MSP and Pure Data, and has been developing musical iPhone apps for live performance and improvisations which he uses in the duo ‘Atau and Adam’, with Atau Tanaka. Adams music ranges from glitchy, textural improvisations to bass heavy dancefloor assaults and avant garde disco pop.


Ypsmael + Ekca Liena

Ypsmael is a long-ago nickname now used for a one man electroacoustic improvisation performance and recording project.Treated voice, audio feedback, field recordings, found objects, homebrew electronics, audio detritus, baritone guitar and other live instruments are processed and looped with guitar effects pedals, forming subtle soundscapes, drone swells and reverb-drenched noise washes. http://ypsmael.com/


Ekca Liena is a recording alias of Brighton based musician Daniel W J Mackenzie. His material combines a wide range of influences into music that has vast dynamic and timbral constrasts: delicate, melodious ambience, drones and melancholy up against doom and noise influenced intensity. In any case the music is informed by atmosphere, emotional expression and ritual, and has found it's way onto a selection of international record labels. Daniel also produces compositional and conceptual music under his real name and plays with improvising psyche / drone / noise group Plurals.

Materials will be available. Places will be limited to 20.
No prior experience necessary.

To book a place please email: