Organic Modeling: Precision Sculpting with TSplines for Rhino

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    Mode Lab,

T-Splines gives Rhino users a way of exploring shapes easily and quickly in an intuitive way, closing the gap between design ideation and actual 3D model production.

About This Online Course:
The principles and rationale behind T-Splines will be covered, providing students with the resources to model shapes of any complexity as a single smooth, water-tight surface. Additionally, this intensive course will introduce techniques for working with polygonal and box modeling, direct surface editing, and local definition tools interchangeably.


  • Introduction to the TSplines plug-in
  • Creating and manipulating TSplines geometry
  • Coupling freeform and precision modeling techniques

  • Workflows for moving between TSplines and Rhino geometry
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    Gil Akos March 5 2013 12:48Reply

    Check out this awesome Free Webinar! It's perfect for those of you joining us for Fridays' course on Organic Modeling. CEO of Autodesk will be discussing "Reintroducing Autodesk T-Splines Plug-in for Rhino."