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[Jan 12/13] Digital Synesthesia – Harvestworks ONLINE Class Max/MSP/Jitter

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Digital Synesthesia Online Class

Adam Rokhsar

Saturday, Jan 12, 2013 (Assignment 1)
Sunday, Jan 13, 2013 (Assignment 2)
Monday, Jan 14, 2014 (Additional Q+A Period)
All times are 9am to 4pm EST – see detailed schedule below. All times are EST / New York time. Since this is an online class, it is designed to accommodate students in other timezones as well.

Cost: $95

Location: This class is held online, you need to have internet connection to watch videos and engage in the forums. Shortly before the class starts you will get a link with further instructions how to take part in it.

Digital Synesthesia

You don’t need any experience in music or visual art: just come with an open mind, a willingness to try something new, and perhaps a crazy idea or two. We’re going to use software called Max/MSP/Jitter to create our synesthesia art through a series of hands-on experiments. You’ll turn an image of your face into sound, capture it with a microphone and turn it back to a photo again to see what happens. You’ll learn how to remix songs just by waving your hands in front of a computer camera. And along the way, you’ll learn the secrets of how computers understand sound and vision, create new forms of art, and leave with a package of software that will let you continue with your experiments at home.