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A Serenade in Rome

  • Location:
    city of Rome, Rome, IT

music you can't buy: you have to go there, at a specific time/date


"The musical tracks are disseminated through the locations of a city, created to integrate with the city’s texture, with its daily sounds, with its atmosphere. They connect to the things that happen everyday in those places, or with things which happened in the past, in its history, maybe revealing some interesting facts or stories, or building upon them to suggest narratives and possibilities."

To listen to A Serenade in Rome you have to download an App and come to the city of Rome anytime from April 3rd 2013 (Salvatore’s birthday) to Sept. 6th 2013. And walk through the locations pointed out on the map shown in the app.

Android version coming right up.

Source code will be released under GPL in a couple of weeks on