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Most listened SON[I]A in 2012 - Ràdio Web MACBA

Most listened SONA in 2012 - Ràdio Web MACBA

The SONA podcast series aims to be an alternative way to receive the information produced during MACBA activities. You can find the complete series here: http://rwm.macba.cat/en/sonia

1- SONA #116
Interview with Kenneth Goldsmith, founder and main editor of Ubuweb, the Internet's largest archive of artistic avant-garde material.

2- SONA #131
Interview with Judith Butler about politics, economy, control societies, gender and identity.

3- SONA #168
Wolfgang Ernst reflects on the possibility of going beyond the concept of the archive by exploring some of the practices around what is now being called the 'anarchive'.

4- SONA #94
Interview with Will Holder, co-editor of "F.R. David", the journal of de Appel arts centre in Amsterdam.

5- SONA #124
Michael Baldwin and Mel Ramsden talk about the recent long-term loan of an extraordinary collection of 800 pieces by Art & Language at the MACBA, courtesy of the French collector Philippe Méaille.

6- SONA #144
Entrevista amb Isidoro Valcárcel Medina sobre la intervenció al MACBA "Constitución 1812" i la seva visió sobre el mercat de l'art, la tecnocràcia i la responsabilitat de l'artista (in Spanish).

7- SONA #164
Jorge Luis Marzo parla sobre les relacions entre l'art, la cultura i el poder, i sobre les diverses modalitats que han anat adoptant al llarg dels anys a Espanya i a Catalunya (in Catalan).

8- SONA #161
Interview with Rick Prelinger about home movies, alternative anthropology, lost landscapes and what he calls “archival anxiety syndrome”.

9- SONA #155
Arthur Sauer, co-founder of The Game of Life, the world's only mobile Wave Field Synthesis system, talks about immersive sound, spatial electronic music, and other applications of Wave Field Synthesis.

10- SONA #148
Interview with writer, teacher and theorist Mark Fisher about crisis, insurrection and Really Existing Capitalism.