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    Art In FLUX Harlem, 1961 Adam Clayton Powell Blvd., New York, NY, New York, 10027, US

The search for truth can result in obsessive leaps of inventiveness. Reaching near ecstatic levels through repetition and pattern in their studio practice, the artists in Speaking in Tongues present their ideas through a wide range of subject and media.
Influenced by minimalist music and abstraction, and raised through an age of technological communication and reproduction that has advanced at warp speed, the works here demonstrate the artists’ facility with pluralism and the desire for expressing the contemporary culture. Some artists pull back into quiet areas to contemplate their inner voice. Others dive in and reflect upon this pulse of constant energy. Speaking in Tongues presents seven artists who use an invented, coded language to reveal their concepts in visual and performance art.
Curator: Ellen Hackl Fagan
Exhibiting Artists: Scott Draves, Ellen Hackl Fagan, Jim Hett, Anne Pomponio, Arleen Schloss, Suzan Shutan, Julio Valdez