• Location:
    Art In FLUX Harlem, 1961 Adam Clayton Powell Blvd., New York, NY, New York, 10027, US

ART ENOLOGY (Gallery Exhibit)
e·nol·o·gy also oe·nol·o·gy (-nl-j) n. In Art Enology artists draw from this history to transform wine bottles into visual artistic statements that simultaneously advance the aesthetic properties and possibilities of bottles; inspire a dialogue centered on historical and contemporary themes and concepts; and manifest environmental consciousness through the act of repurposing everyday material. These mixed medium works integrate wine bottles with a variety of predominantly found objects, photography, new media, performance art and more to intoxicate the creative palate.
Curator: Souleo, The Proletariat Curator
Exhibiting Artists: Al Johnson, Anina Banks, Antonio Alonso, Beau McCall, Bertille de Baudiniere, Charles O’Rear, Chompunutt Mayta, David Hollier, Dianne Smith, Giancarlo Colaianni, Greg Frederick, Janet Goldner, JaSon E. Auguste, Jeffrey Allen Price, Jeremiah Drake, Jerry Gant, Judy Richardson, Joshua DeMonte, June Miller of Jezebel & Toff, Kulture Krochet, Laura Gadson, Nina Boesch, Ryan Smith, Shantell Martin,