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The Bad Theater Fest Encore Series

  • Location:
    The Tank, 151 West 46th Street (b/t 6th and 7th Ave) 8th floor, New York, NY, New York, 10036, US

The Bad Theater Fest Encore Series
Monday, 12/17/12 at 7:00 pm
$5 tickets at the door

Originally delayed by Hurricane Sandy, these shows have persevered and come back stronger than ever. WORLD PREMIERES!

Can You Call My Mom?
This stand up show will remind you why growing up sucked, how us small town girls cope in the big big city and get to the bottom of vajazzling once and for all. Jamie LeeLo will make asthma attacks sexy again and talk about boobs at least twice- so you’ve got that going for you.

Weekend at Bernie's: the prequel
Scripted reading. How can there be a prequel to Weekend at Bernie’s? Well, what if Bernie was dead before? Brilliant, right?! Written by Joe Schiappa

The Examination
Frank discussion between two bros on X-Mass. p.s. Their stepdad is downstairs and he’s the worst!

Bible Boy
Short film from Savannah, Ga. An elementary school student faces a challenging task in the principal’s office… Watch how God steps in and handles the situation!

Improvised comedy with improvised guitar solos.