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Telofossils @ Museum of contemporary art (Taipei, Taiwan)

  • Location:
    Museum of contemporary art , 39 ChangAn West Road Taipei 103, Taiwan ROC, Taipei, Taipei, TW

Télofossiles is an immersive environment made up of several installations that are connected through a narrative that takes the viewer into a very distant future. The project is an invitation to contemplate the remnants of our current civilization many years after a catastrophic event that caused human extinction.


This project is part of a series of works by Grégory Chatonsky dealing with the “erasure of the world”. With Télofossiles, the artist continues his explorations under the theme of destruction and memory. For her part, Dominique Sirois is furthering her research on museographic space, the notion of permanence and the world of consumer objects by way of assemblages made up of transformed and artificially fossilized objects.

The sound dimension of Télofossiles will be developed by Christophe Charles, a French artist based in Tokyo who is a specialist in digital sound creation. Christophe Charles is also to be invited to give a live performance during the opening. The artist will create a soundtrack that will correspond to a generative video specially conceived by Grégory Chatonsky for performance contexts.

Curators : Shuling Cheng & Sylvie Parent