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Panel Discussion - Programming and the Kinect Device in Artwork Creation

  • Location:
    MassArt Tower Building, Trustee's Room, 11th floor, 621 Huntington Avenue, Boston, Massachusetts, 02115, US

This panel will discuss the exciting world of volumetric computing using the Microsoft Kinect to create dynamic multimedia art pieces. The discussion will describe how artists write scripts and adapt software to enable the use of the Kinect as an input device that controls an art piece. The device allows for the direct interaction with a computer through physical motion. It reads and tracks body movements, and is the bridge between the physical reality in which you exist and the virtual world created by the software.

Microsoft’s Kinect was released in fall 2010 to become the fastest-selling electronic device ever. For the first time, there is an inexpensive, three-dimensional sensor enabling direct interaction between human and computer, between the physical world and the virtual. The Kinect has been enthusiastically adopted by a growing culture of enthusiasts, who put it to work in creating technology-based art projects, three-dimensional scanners, adaptive devices for sight-impaired individuals, and new ways of interacting with PCs.

The panel will include Collision Collective members discussing their Kinect-based artwork:

  • Rob Gonsalves - "Jitterbot - A Dialog in Dance"
  • John Slepian - "Update"
  • Jim Susinno and Mark Stock "Swarm"
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