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N.I.C.E. Videoart on VisualcontainerTV

N. I. C. E. Videoart (ITALY)
New Ideas about Contemporary and Experimental Videoart
Videoart Selection curated by Visualcontainer

from 1 December to 31 January 2013
only on VisualcontainerTV

VisualcontainerTV is glad to presents the NEW RELEASE of Visualcontainer's site. Now are avaible pressreleases of each exhibitions and programs showed on tv. Since 2009 VisualcontainerTV is and independent international webtv project by Alessandra Arnò (Visualcontainer - Italy) in collaboration with other partners, so we are happy to host in this occasion a special videoart selection from Italy with italian and international videoartists.
It will be a N.I.C.E. ending/beginning of the year.

Greetings from VisualcontainerTV's Staff

New Ideas about Contemporary and Experimental Videoart
Curatorial Statement

It’s a renowned fact that videoart language and visual experimentation has fallen out of technology‘s spell.
New surveys and researches have outlined a new way of visual experimentation and a new vision of reality and subconscious. Now, the many-sided investigation fields are assimilated, re-thought and “augmented”.
The video art language is evolving, diversifying and getting contaminated in the same way. The narrative style – usually absent – is returned as a stroboscopic light – where fragments of freeze frames are sketching a new way. The performance have a new communicative potential. New ethics/aesthetics is growing while the reality is inter-sounded, dissected, gathered and mixed with contemporary new media. In the same way, the dreamlike range of videoart creativity has no limits either.
The different audience have a confident approach with screens and megascreens, so it’s easy to be involved within visual suggestions into a sort of a looping “reflection” on images and on this medium.

Invited artists are chosen as a representative group of emerging young operators already known and well-established in the Italian and international contemporary art scene. The videos belong to different categories, ranging from animation to performance, in order to give as a complete view as possible of today’s videoart.
By Visualcontainer

Artists* presented:
Slawomir Milewski,Pascal Caparros , Daniela Di Maro DDM, Antonella Spatti, Romeo Grünfelder , Chiara Mazzocchi, Iginio de Luca , Barbara Brugola, Francesco Arena , Enrico Bressan, Cristobal Catalan , LIUBA, Marzia Moretti , Luca Christian Mander , Maria Korporal , Mauro Folci, Patrizia Bonardi.

*All videoart works are distributed by Visualcontainer Italian Videoart Distributor - www.visualcontainer.org

Tonight at Midnight (+1 GMT) will start the program here: GO ON AIR

Stiil Frame:Chiara Mazzocchi - Human alienation, 2′ 2011©

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