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To Need Another

  • Location:
    Con Artist NYC, 119 Ludlow, New York, New York City Lower East Side, New York, 10002, US

Coming up on December 19th, one of our members Audrey Ryan is showing her
works of art. There will be an opening reception on from 8pm-12 am. More
details about her show are listed below, hope you all can make it or tell
your friends.

"I've been f***in the world and I ain't come yet." (Dwayne Michael Carter

To Need Another is a show about dependence. It's about how, what, or who we
fill our voids with.
To Need Another is about genuinely needing someone, something or some way.
It's about substance, excess, and money in the bank.
It's also about living fast, dying young, sex, drugs and rock and roll.
But mostly it's about sex.
Because for that to be any good, you really do Need Another.