Performance by Z▲Z▲Z◎Z◎ at SEVEN Miami

  • Location:
    Seven Art Fair, 2200 NW 2nd Ave (Wynwood), Miami, Florida, 33127, US

P.P.O.W Gallery is pleased to announce Z▲Z▲Z◎Z◎, a project by Melanie Bonajo & Joseph Marzolla At Seven Miami on DEc. 6th at 9 pm. This year the duo are releasing a music album entitled INUA which was recorded during the Arctic winter of Eastern Greenland. The album is inspired by the disappearance of Northern environments, silent landscapes, isolation, colonialism, erosion of the ethno-spheres, extinct cultures, fear of silence, intimacy to nature and death, tri-genderism, loss of navigation, unrevealed yet perceivable parallel universes, sacred geography and the spirit of INUA. INUA is a spirit or soul that exists in all; people, animals, things, elements, lakes, mountains and plants.