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Dimensions Variable

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#0000FF Gallery is announcing the opening of Dimensions Variable, a solo show by Dimitris Papadatos, Sunday, November 25.

Dimitris Papadatos, in his quest to underline the potential dynamics of the performative nature of the socially detached social media user, will occupy and create content on behalf of the gallery for the time period of two weeks.

Ιf there was a possibility that Papadatos’ work could be bound inside an articulate scheme, the best way to describe it is ''Optimized Realism''. Since the work applies its references on various approaches, from Nihilistic manifestoes to intensively compulsive verse indexing and from free association painting to creating pop music there could be a valid argument on whether or not it also draws its references from ''modernist dogmas'' of social manipulation systems. Nothing there to assume than the clear need of reclaiming the market, using its own unperplexed semantics in order to create an optimized version of value, memory, and experience.